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After more then 20 years of our association with wine of some selected markets in the world, we decided to continue our expansion due to the increasing request and demand for exclusive wines, especially from one of the world’s leading grape growing regions, California’s Napa Valley.

The Napa Valley’s wineries are unique in almost any way you can explain or describe. Most of them are relatively small with also rather small production, but foremost is the location of some of the most exclusive boutique wineries in the hidden valleys high above the Napa Valley.

These wineries have been our targets to market around the world. We found some of the best wines — “ 100% Cabernet Sauvignon ” a wine for the true “ Cabernet Sauvignon lover” — something no other wine producing country has ever done.

It is our personal connection and contact to every Boutique Winery, it’s Proprietor and consequently their Wines and Production.

The Napa Valley Region today is one of the most beautiful places. Not only because of the area but also because it’s a phenomenal place for outstanding food, wine tasting and weekend lifestyle for young and old, rich and poor.


California’s excellent Wine producing Regions

California is Gods given place in this World with the offering of best Wine Grape - and Table Grape growing areas as well as a big part in the World wide agriculture food supply.

It is in our interest to present to you our expanded porfolio of excellent Wines from other Grape growing and Wine producing areas throughout Northern, Central and Southern California.

So let’s get started:

California Appellation is a wine exclusively selected from grape growers from different areas in California.

This wine is of good to excellent quality, very drinkable with all the needed nuances of flavors to make the wine very enjoyble at a reasonable price.

Sonoma County – Russian River and North Coast, is the area very much liked for the Pinot Noir, Russian River, Alexander Valley, the Zinfandel and excellent Syrah. The climate, especially on the coast and Russian River are very much a factor for excellent Pinot Noir, Sonoma County is exposed to a warmer climate, but still rather cool nights.

California Central Valley, famous for the huge agricultural growing area with three harvests each year. Areas like the Delta Region of the Sacramento and Lodi are today an excellent source of Zinfandel grapes, very well suited to this area of warm to hot days and cool nights regulated by the masses of water stored for California’s agriculture.

Paso Robles, just about half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles, is one of my favorite areas.
Hot daily temperature and cool nights influenced by the Ocean, produces excellent wines with strong characteristics of intense fruit flavors of Plum, Black Cherry, Blackberry and many more. Naturally with the intensity of the sun the wines are also relatively high in alcohol. The classy vinification of the wine will give you the fruit taste and balance you truly have to enjoy.


California Appellation | Sonoma | Paso Robles | Napa Valley